Immured in temporality and suffering from a sense of historical discontinuity, the airport is the elementary expression of abstract space. It renders everyone weightless.

It is the space of the uprooted and, as if to confirm the term terrain vague, in Martins’ images sky and ground collide, overlap and blur.

The cloudy ambiguity of these images pulls us into a deep absence, a sliding, fleeting and powerful somewhere, where everything is indeterminate and difficult to decode, with only the lights and airport hieroglyphics to orientate us.  The juxtaposition of sign and shape echoes the overlapping of time and space, disturbing language and meaning itself.

Book co-published by The Moth House / ANA. 
Limited number of signed copies available through The Moth House.

December 2006
119 pages
2000 copies
Hardcover, in screen printed dust jacket
Bilingual in English & Portuguese



Edgar Martins

Aproximações was produced in 2006 and is the pre-cursor series to When Light Casts no Shadow (2008). In reflecting on the complexity of the negotiations between estranged lives and de-territorialised worlds, one might wonder if the generic city is synonymous with the contemporary airport.      Read More >