Over the past two decades The Moth House has dedicated a great deal of its resources to artist-led schemes, which have benefited a wide array of talent.
We have also aimed to deepen the quality of cultural provision in the UK by giving a voice to individuals who have too often been overlooked. Through a comprehensive outreach program with our gallery and museum partners, we have sought to mobilise vulnerable and underprivileged groups such as suicide bereavement and mental health support groups, ex-offenders and their families, individuals on the Autism spectrum, etc.
Following a twelve month trial period, we are happy to announce the launch of our Artistic Practice Support Scheme, an initiative whose sole objective is the provision of career advice and portfolio feedback for emerging artists.
As part of our commitment to supporting the professional development of UK photography, we will be partnering with established UK artists (which we will refer to as mentors) to hold regular advice sessions with emerging to mid-career visual practitioners.

Especially assigned mentors will look at artist’s portfolios and projects and provide invaluable information to help them deal with the creative and financial rigours of their practice.
This may include providing project specific and research advice, feedback on university and funding applications, career and marketplace advice, etc. This is a part publicly funded, part paid initiative. Participants will be asked to pay a small fee towards admin costs as well as the time of our researchers.
The positive impact of this program on artists cannot be overstated.  Over the last twelve months we have been informed that it provides inspiration, focus, a source of ambition and aspiration, access to professional artists, new approaches, skills, contacts, energy and momentum. For more information please contact us.