The Moth House was established in April 2002 by Edgar Martins and André Montenegro, then aspiring artists/curators in the process of completing their respective MA degrees in Photography and Fine Art / Curating Contemporary Art.
Undeterred by the restrictive opportunities offered by the editorial establishment and moved by an uncompromising desire to rethink the book format, Edgar Martins and André Montenegro founded The Moth House as a platform to make their and other artists’ projects accessible to a wider audience.

Since its inception, The Moth House has supported work that has a strong thematic basis, that deals with contemporary issues or that reassesses historical themes and perspectives.

Our program has a cross-sectoral approach and although it is intrinsically linked with both Edgar and André’s practices, it is also independent from them.

The Moth House is focused on producing high quality artist’s monographs – both as self-structured initiatives and collaborative ventures – as well as organising high profile exhibitions, talks, seminars and other educational events. We were the founders of the Crude Metaphors supplement in Hot Shoe magazine, and sponsored this feature between 2006-2012.

Over the past decade we have dedicated a great deal of our resources to artist-led and artist-support schemes, which have benefited a wide array of talent.

Our mission is to continue encouraging debate, nurturing artists as well as inspiring new thinking about photography.